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Upcoming Events                         

International Conference on Tourism and Culture in Asia

17th-18th, November, 2013

Chiang Mai, Thailand



ICTHM 2013
8th-10th, december, 2013
Colombo, Sri Lanka


  Global Eco Asia Pacific Tourism Conference

      18 - 20 , November , 2013

      Queensland , Australia


       World Responsible Tourism Day

         5 - 7, November , 2013




 I didn't expect such a great experience among CCBEN  team  when I  came for  the first time in Cambodia. I'll  be able to  use the skills I  have  during my  internship  with CCBEN in any other company I'll  work for in the  future. I’m  very thankful to all  the team for  the  patience and  consideration they had  with  me.  Working  at CCBEN  has  been an amazing  experience that I will  never forget as I have  discovered  a  new culture,met  new friends and shared  good  times  with  lovely  people. This internship has been educative,enriching  and  wonderfully rewarding for my professional career.

 Angéline Le Ménach

 French Intern in Marketing


My name is Robin; I've been working in CCBEN for 4months.

I strongly believe Cambodia has a real opportunity to develop ecotourism. Sustainable and responsible development should be the priority for tourism in Cambodia, which is why this sector is very important to me. Working in the Cambodia’s only community based ecotourism network was a very enriching experience.

During these 4 months I learned a lot about Human Resources, about tourism in Cambodia and about the country itself. I enjoyed working with CCBEN team as all members are motivated, efficient and communicative. They were also very open-minded and creative which helped CCBEN to grow. Additionally, I learned that communication is very important, particularly in a small team.

I wish the best for CCBEN and especially for my executive director Sophea as she gives her best to make the organisation growing in a successful way. 


Robin Descordes

French Intern in Human Resources


My name is Anais and I am studying hotel management in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I have been part of CCBEN team as a Marketing intern from June to November, 2013. These 5 months were a very enriching experience to me.

As part of CCBEN, I learnt a lot about sustainable tourism and yet this was my first objective coming here. I developed many professionals’ skills such as working independently, carrying on projects, developing marketing tools like the website, and designing itineraries to ecotourism sites. At CCBEN, interns are free to suggest new activities and innovative projects are always welcomed.

Moreover, being 5 months in Cambodia allowed me to broaden myvision of global realities and to reflect back on to myself.

Finally, travelling through Cambodia, meeting locals, expats and travellers, and discovering a new culture brought me a lot of happiness.

I will always be pleased to be contacted by interns and volunteers interested into CCBEN:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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